We offer first-class vehicles to exceed customer expectations. We provide innovation services to fascinate customers. We strive for environmental and social sustainability together with our employees and partners.

Concept definition:

The orientation of the enterprise to its long-term goal of survival and development and the basic nature of the enterprise.

We offer first-class vehicles to exceed customer expectations. We provide innovation services to fascinate customers. We strive for environmental and social sustainability together with our employees and partners.

In order to create a harmonious and beautiful home on the earth, and to continuously improve the quality of life of users and take the road of green development in the era of interconnection of all things, FAW-Volkswagen drives the co-creation of the entire value chain, provides users with the best products and services, and shoulders the social responsibility of promoting the development of China's automobile industry on basis of the forward-looking layout, efficient organization, and advanced manufacturing.

The most outstanding auto company in China for customers, employees and partners, shaping the future of mobility.

Concept definition:

The motivational description of the future development state based on the company's mission and pursuit.

The best automobile enterprise in China

FAW-Volkswagen is committed to becoming the representative of China's high-quality automobile products and excellent travel service;

The company should be keenly aware of the situation, quickly adapt to changes, efficiently meet customers' needs, and cultivate the strong system leading ability of the open and inclusive full value chain.

The most dynamic company in the eyes of employees and partners

Build a staff team of vitality, creativity, civilization, harmony and striving for the first with great efforts;

Uphold the cooperative spirit of openness, co-creation and sharing, and stimulate the potential and vitality of the value chain with the most innovative goals;

Provide employees with personalized development support as well as market-oriented and diversified growth opportunities to continuously improve their professional competitiveness.

Core value
Value from Trust and All-win from Respect

Concept definition:

The basic beliefs and principles advocated and followed in business management. The "personality and quality" of an enterprise serves as the basis for judging enterprise behavior.

Value from Trust and All-win from Respect

Take honesty and respect as the basic principles of FAW-Volkswagen's employees;

Regard creating value as the working principle of FAW-Volkswagen's employees;

Take the win-win situation of users, partners, employees and shareholders as the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of the company.

Spirit of Enterprise
Learning, progressing, cooperating and innovatin

Concept definition:

The unique spirit and basic methodology of the enterprise to solve problems and difficulties in the process of fulfilling the mission and realizing the vision.

Learning, progressing, cooperating and innovatin

In order to continuously improve the ability to create value, the enterprise continuously absorbs advanced ideology and culture, embodies vitality in management, keeps pace with the times and adopts advanced technology;

The enterprise will never be satisfied with the existing achievements, and will locate the problems, accept the challenges, work hard independently, stimulate the potential and realize the breakthrough;

In the process of carrying out task, the enterprise shall actively participate in and cooperate with each other to stimulate the wisdom and vitality of the team and form a competitive partnership;

The enterprise should pay attention to the needs of users, find out the dissatisfaction of users with the products, expand the cognitive horizon, develop solutions, and continuously optimize the products, so that employees can enjoy the happiness of self-value realization in innovation.

Operating principle
Market orientation, management innovation, quality priority, technology leadership

Concept definition:

The long-term strategy and guiding ideology adopted by the enterprise in response to market competition, realizing its mission and vision.